Entrepreneurs are the backbone of American society. Their inventiveness and innovative natures have brought many of the most beloved products and services to the forefront of the business world and consumer markets. When you read about Paul Gravette or Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Elon Musk, all of these entrepreneurs have some key characteristics that allow them to achieve great things. Let’s take a look at 4 standout traits that give people the tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape.


First off, one of the most important things for any person trying to start a business or run an organization is creativity. Reading Paul Gravette’s bio or the backstory of some of the world’s most amazing inventors will fill you in on just how much creativity and brainstorming is required to get a business started. Entrepreneurs have to identify a problem they would like to solve, or an aspect of society they would like to change for the better, and then put it all on the line to bring this initial ideas into a more tangible plan. All of this happens in the initial stages of beginning a business.


Another huge necessity is drive. An aspiring entrepreneur must have that deeply-rooted, omnipresent motivation to go out there and change the world. This persistence will lead to amazing things, and not everyone has this same desire to create huge change like entrepreneurs do. Many people feel content to sit in the background, which is perfectly fine, while entrepreneurs want to lead the way!


Entrepreneurs are not followers by any means. Instead they are ground breakers, paving the way for a bigger and brighter future. Their contributions make a big difference to the world, especially in today’s digital age. By being innovative, original and oftentimes unconventional, entrepreneurs can achieve success for society that will last for years to come. Just learning more about Paul Gravette is a great example, because his fresh and inventive ideas have had a huge impact on the health and wellness industry.


The fourth characteristic that all entrepreneurs possess is the determination to see their ideas through to the finish line. Entrepreneurs don’t give up when the going gets tough. There’s a lot of failure and heartbreak involved in the business arena, but that doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs abandon their ambitions just because it isn’t all going to plan immediately. Instead they work tirelessly to bring their business to life. News stories about Paul Gravette or Mark Zuckerberg are inspiring because they truly highlight the incredible determination and devotion entrepreneurs have when it comes to their businesses.