Graphene has the power to completely change the world. The possibilities are amazing, but scientists still have work to do to bring their graphene inspired ideas to fruition. Graphene manufacturing companies are booming, with many scrambling to invest in the strongest material in the world. Made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick, it’s completely flexible and more conductive than copper. While it was discovered just under a decade ago, scientists and inventors have developed several awe-inspiring ways to use graphene in the future.

Let’s check out five awesome (hypothetical, as of yet!) uses that will shape our society in the near future.

Drinking Water

With approximately 844 million people in the world living without reliable access to safe drinking water, it is absolutely critical that we make strides toward ensuring safe water for everyone. Graphene manufacturing companies recognize the amazing potential this super material presents- as it would turn dirty, unfiltered ocean water into a thirst-quenching water source for people around the globe. MIT scientists have developed a plan for graphene filters, covered in tiny holes just big enough to allow water through while small enough to keep grains of salt out. This process would make salt water safe to drink and give people a whole new source of water.

Waste Disposal

Radioactive spills and waste can completely devastate the environment and fragile ecosystems. Scientists are always searching for a way to minimize the impact of these incidents on the natural surroundings, and now, they may have a secret weapon. Several science groups have noted the potential for graphene to clump together radioactive waste, making it a million times easier to dispose of the unwanted substances. This would protect the environment and ensure a more promising future for our planet.


Want to step up your Tennis game? Graphene manufacturers may come to the rescue with specialized racquets. They would use graphene to make the racquets, putting the weight in a more useful spot: the head and the grip! They say practice makes perfect, but the aid of graphene is sure to help as well! It’s likely that graphene could be used in other sports and recreational activities as well.


Let’s face it- most Americans are glued to their cell phones nowadays. Graphene could possibly improve our mobile phone experience by supersonic charging. Imagine plugging your phone in for five seconds and having it charge completely! Sounds nice, right? And then there’s the matter of touchscreens. Screens with graphene conductors could be attached to plastic rather than glass, which would allow for super thin, unbreakable touchscreens. No one would need to worry about dropping (and shattering) their precious phone! The cell phone industry has changed massively in the past twenty years, and with this technology, who knows what our phones of the future will look like and be capable of!


Scientists are always researching ways to improve human health, and graphene could play a big role in this. Graphene could open doors for bionic devices in living tissues connected directly to neurons. This would allow people with spinal injuries to re-learn how to use their limbs. It would be life-changing for many people facing significant physical health issues.  With many professional graphene manufacturing companies hard at work to advance this technology, the future looks very promising indeed!