If you wait to get discovered by directors in this fierce competitive world then you are mistaken. Signing with an agency is your best shot to get invited for auditions and casting calls.

Every popular actors and actresses have sat through the open casting calls during their career. It can be extremely boring, but is important as you get to practice your acting skills and meet other actors. There is a lot of learning and association, which can help you in future jobs.

How to change your viewpoints about casting calls?

Casting calls can be considered as a con, but you can reverse that and make it positive. Just change your attitude and feeling about doing casting calls. The outcome automatically changes.

Instead of considering those as waste of time think casting calls to be rehearsals. You will start enjoying each and every audition.

Consider auditions invites from Amy Gossels Casting as a good event for networking. The people, who will be participating, will possess the same interest like you. It is necessary to advertise yourself.

Look for opportunities

Many online websites offer casting call auditions. This may be your chance to get popular. Even reality TV shows advertise their auditions in advance. In this way, new actors can grab this opportunity and make a break using their skills without signing with a pricey casting agency.

Visit your favourite show’s website and read the eligibility needs that are laid out for those who are interested. For newcomers in the entertainment world participating in Reality TV show is the best solution. You are well aware of the field you wish to enter including acting, singing, dancing, fashion, and more.

If you wish to become an actor then for a kick-start do commercials. Possibilities are endless. You just need to keep a portfolio ready including good headshots and achievements. In addition, be patient and believe in yourself. It is not necessary that you need to be extremely good looking because different characters are needed for different roles.

Be prepared for anything

Sometimes cell phones are not allowed because the casting directors wish to see you present. It is bad to see you using your mobile, all the time. However, carry a book to keep you occupied in the waiting room.

Casting calls are crucial for call back process, so be polite and wait for your turn. It can take longer than expected. Therefore, carry water and snacks along with the book.

If the audition is for a reality show then you can expect to stand in the line for couple of days. Bring a friend, so as to take turns in the line. Find a hotel nearby and alternatively take rest. You wish to be fresh, when you ultimately stand on stage, before the directors to show your performance.

Say ‘yes’ to opportunities

At open casting calls, there may be producers or directors, whom you think to be actors waiting there for auditions. The production house conducts multiple projects, simultaneously and you may not be right for one but perfect for another upcoming one. Therefore, always be prepared to say ‘yes’ and grab the opportunity.