Most men know when to propose and whom to propose for wedding, but when they have to purchase an engagement ring they’re oblivious. It is a dream of every girl to be proposed with a diamond ring. However, getting an engagement ring is much more difficult than proposing to a girl.

Diamonds have always been above any gemstone in the past history. The name diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which means “unconquerable”. Diamond history started from India in 800 BC when it was considered the most powerful and magical stone. Every culture had their reasons to use diamond. Where Romans wore it on left arm for bravery, the Greeks set it on steel for charm.

Now diamond is considered a way of expressing friendship and love. That is why majorly it is used in diamond rings. There are many options of buying diamond –

  • Search reputable stores online.
  • Check all the characteristics before buying.

Search reputable stores online

Many people feel that buying diamond rings online can put them in trouble. They might get fake diamonds or damaged one. Therefore, buying it from a reputable jeweller is always good. They will never risk their reputation by getting into such scams. Moreover, expensive items like diamond or gold are send through FedEx or UPS thus, there is no chance of getting stolen through mail.

Check all the characteristics before buying

There may be many options available online, but you shouldn’t go blindly with the design. Remember the complicated cut can lead to expensive items. Diamond rings prices vary depending upon their shapes and sizes, therefore if you’re already in debt then discuss with your better half and get down to a normal ring. Understand your budget and then go for cut, carat and clarity.

Some prefer to buy loose diamonds and getting it customised into their preferred diamond rings designs. That too looks good and reasonable. This way, you can still save money for your other affairs. You can also cut it into the shape your girlfriend likes.

Reputable jewellers have a return policy in case the item reaches damaged or not up to the expectation. Whenever the purchase is big or expensive, it is better to get it insured. Usually, most companies ask for the purchase receipt for the kind of insurance coverage you want. Check for such companies whose shipping is free. Some stores online have good customer service, which also helps you with your purchase.

Lastly the most important part of a ring purchase is the ring size. It is not rocket science but it depends upon the shape of finger. Some ring size can be changed after they are delivered. It is better to get a free sample before buying such an expensive item. This way, you would know your better halves choice and also the ring size.

Always buy diamonds that is authenticated and certified by reputed company. GIA certification is supposed to be an authentic certification. They certify the crystal whiteness and cuts of diamond.

Therefore, it is mandate that you follow the above-mentioned steps for a reasonable diamond ring.