Varmint hunting is an exciting hobby which is quite popular. Beginners can be introduced to the sport of hunting through varmint hunting. In order to build shooting skills while engaging in varmint hunting, it is important to pay attention to certain important features.

Varmint hunting scope

For effective varmint hunting, it is important to ensure that the scope is bright and clear. This is important considering the fact that the fur of varmint facilitates camouflaging. A good scope can ensure visibility of the prey. Another feature which deserves attention is a good reticle. A good reticle allows easy compensation and is hence considered extremely important.

Factors to consider while choosing varmint hunting scopes

A good scope can enhance the excitement associated with varmint hunting. Few factors to consider while selecting scopes include:

Basic features

The basic features to look out for while selecting varmint scopes for rifles include reticle designs, precision adjustment knobs, and dual focal plane options for front and rear and magnification range. A diverse lineup is also important for tactical hunting.

Laser rangefinders

These days, most modern varmint hunting scopes have built – in laser rangefinders, which facilitate targeting and also automatically provide a holdover for the exact cartridge. Scopes which have this feature are suitable for downhill, uphill, long range, mid-range and other types of challenging hunting shots.

Custom scopes with adjustment knobs

Custom scopes which have WindMap and adjustment knobs are usually expensive, but prove to be extremely useful for engaging games and targets at longer distances.

Reticle options

Scopes which have the latest and advanced reticle options like mil – dot reticles and ballistic reticles are well suited for various types of hunting games including hunting whitetails. Scopes which have cartridge matched ballistic reticles are quite popular for tactical calibers. They are well suited for competitive and long distance shooting which is often done using modern sporting rifles.

Specialized predator hunting scopes

Many companies offer hunting scopes designed especially for hunting predators. Such scopes have ballistic reticles with cascading dots. These make the scopes ideal for hunting various types of predators.

Eye relief

Compact scopes offer eye relief and are considered suitable for small game rifles and mountain rifles. They are also well suited for big hunting games, which take place in the mountains.

Front focal plane reticles

The scopes which have front focal plane reticles are extremely versatile. They ensure accuracy of ballistic reticle calibrations at various levels of magnification. Such scopes prove to be perfect for hunting games involving animals of various sizes. Besides these, rifle scopes which have simple ballistic compensations, but are bright are also considered perfect for hunting all types of animals.

Scopes for dangerous games

Many low power models of scopes feature ballistic reticles whereas the high power ones have mil dot reticles. These scopes are versatile and can be used for several applications. They are a preferred choice for mid and long distance shooting games, dangerous games and CQB.

Rifle scopes play an important role in hunting games. A suitable one may be chosen based on requirement and the range of hunting.