The purpose of installing air conditioner in the room is not just to make the environment cool and comfortable, but also it helps in purifying the air inside. This helps people with asthma problem to breathe easily. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the air conditioner unit clean by regularly maintaining it.

Common Asthma problems

Usually an Asthma patient is allergic to dust and this may produce coughing, wheezing and runny nose. Asthma patients are not only allergic to dust, but also to pests, odour of any chemicals, smoke, bacteria, mould and any volatile organic compounds. Therefore, it is important to keep the quality of air healthy and clean.

Presence of such irritants inside the room can worsen the condition of any Asthmatic person and also children or aged people are also susceptible to such problem.

What is the connection between Asthma and air conditioning?

When the air is thrown into the room through air conditioner, the air is passed through very fine filter. Due to this reason the dust particles are spread in the room which can negatively affect an asthma patient. Besides that, air conditioners also help in drying the air and thus the humidity level inside the room too reduces. Due to this reason, the chance of mould growth inside the room reduces.

In this way, the air conditioner helps to keep the room environment healthy and suitable for any asthmatic patient. You can install any suitable air conditioners that are manufactured by few reputed companies like LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Voltas, Blue Star and Feeders Lloyd etc.

Maintain your AC to prevent Asthma attack

If proper maintenance is not done to the AC then its operating efficiency can substantially reduce with the result risk of Asthma attack may also increase. Therefore, you must hire any technician for AC who can check proper functioning of all the components of the air conditioners before the start of the summer season.

In addition to that if you notice any problem in the air conditioner then you must immediately get it repaired. Various problems like inconsistent cooling, unusual noise and high consumption of power are the indication that your AC needs repair.

Change the AC filter regularly

If the filter is already dirty and clogged then it will not remove the dust and allergy from the room. This can circulate dust in the air and spoils the quality of air inside the room. Asthma people’s condition may worsen under such situation. Therefore, it is necessary to either clean or replace the filter of the air conditioner at least once in a month. You may prefer to use better quality of filter too but it must be compatible with your air conditioner.

Clean the AC drain line

Usually you will find mould, bacteria and algae getting settled in the AC drain line. Therefore, along with regular checking the filter, you must also clean the AC drain line as well. This will help asthma patients to breathe clean air in the room and will prevent any attack.