People have been using commercial swimming pools from a long time. Though these pools are cleaned and kept tidy with chlorinated compounds, water pumps and regular maintenance but the importance of sustainable pools can never be ignore over these. Commercial pools are constantly being used by the public and it gets very important for it to be cleaned and revived by the end of the day. However, these pools aren’t cleaned daily, but weekly.

But, when you talk about sustainable pools, they do not require any maintenance from the humans. The pool is filtered by moss which eradicates the need of for chemicals like algaecide and chlorine. It also lowers down the water consumption as you do not need to backwash the pool for cleansing it. Thus, it lowers down chemical and water consumption by 40% and 75% respectively.

The chemically free pools are designed with relatively low technology in an eco-friendly atmosphere. Rather than making use of fiberglass or concrete, clay and gravel are used. The aquatic plants eradicate the need of mechanical filtering schemes and chlorine and provide natural purification to the pool. They enrich it with oxygen, support it with beneficial bacteria and render a natural habitat for the aquatic life.

You can make the pool more exciting by integrating nature into its architecture. Team it up with green roofs, beautiful green garden, edible plants like celery, cress and mint as well as small native shrimp and fishes to eat unwanted insects and mosquito larvae. When you use nature for everything, you do not need any chemicals and man-made stuff or cleaning.

This makes sustainable swimming pools a better option in today’s time. It is not just water at its purest for swimming but also a boon for the environment and nature. The design and building scheme renders an overall energy saving. Water is saved because rain water collection. And, the solar panel monitors the heating of the pool. The shower waster is reused by heat recovery mechanism. The LED lighting with daylight control monitors the lighting of the pool. Thus, if you get a sustainable pool like this, who would need a commercial pool.

Sustainable pools are certainly replacing commercial pools. With the revival of the pools, every pool is being turned environmental and human friendly. It is not just easy to maintain but quite economical too. You will certainly feel the difference on your own.