How to make German Shepherd Obedient

Basically Obedience Training for dogs can be broadly classified into two categories. First is the off leash training whilst the second is the on leash training. The former one is also known as off lead training while the latter is termed as on lead training. Moreover, obedience training encompasses both simple, basic commands as well as advanced commands. It is important for the trainer to distinguish between these two types. It is generally recommended that you make use of shortest commands and keep them consistent.

Another important requirement that needs due attention in dog obedience training is your consistency and dedication to the program. You need to train your dog regularly and thus this is a lifetime chore. Training for basic commands should be embarked upon daily for at least an hour. If this is done regularly then your dog hopefully be perfected in these commands within a short period of three months. On the other hand, you need not go for advanced training daily. This is because it will exhaust your dog physically and he sure needs a fair share of rest.

As far as your German shepherd is concerned, he ought to be given a break after every 8 to 12 weeks. Follow up this break by a refresher training period which is considerably shorter, usually extending up to four weeks. You ought to first go for basic commands with your German shepherd. Once he has accomplished thesesatisfactorily, only then he should be moved on to advanced training.

How to make German Shepherd Obedient?

Another significant factor which is generally ignored by trainers or owners when they go for the adoption of German shepherds, is their own training. You undeniably have to make your dog work hard but at the same time you ought not to forget the work that you should be doing at your end. The truth of the matter is that German Shepherd Obedience Training is a two-way street. So you and your dog will have to put in your efforts equally. As a consequence, the process will be enjoyable and rewarding both for you and your German shepherd.

Furthermore, you will have to establish and assert your dominance in this two-way relationship. This is necessary so that your dog is intimidated by you and learn to listen to your commands and pay heed to your visual cues. Otherwise, it is quite probable that you might end up having your German shepherd lead you instead of you leading him.

While training your German shepherd, you also need to admit this fact that your dog only knows what you have taught him, so do not expect any more from him. You will have to be very considerate and consistent with the commands you give to your dogs and the treats with which you reward him. If you ever let go of this consistency and your assertive attitude, your German shepherd would revert back to his instincts within no time.

Last but not the least, if your German shepherd is a family dog then make sure that you pay heed to everything your others family members might have taught to the dog. On a second note however, it is all the more better if ad-hoc obedience training sessions for your German shepherd are held so that everyone is acquainted with all the tricks and commands taught to him.