What is the biggest environmental crime of the 21st century? It is none other than deforestation. Even though many environmental crimes have been reported in the USA in the last few years, deforestation remains the top environmental crime.

Reasons for Cutting Down Forest

  • Mining: Today, one of the main reasons why forest areas are cleared is for mining. These areas are usually rich in minerals and therefore vulnerable to mining operations. Many mining mafias have cleared acres of forests in the last 2 to 3 years, even though it is a crime.
  • Logging: Trees are cut on a regular basis to use as wood and for making paper. Illegal logging is a serious business that is eating acres of forest land in the US only.
  • Agricultural Use: Forests are also cut down for agriculture purposes as farmers wants to plant their crops. Acres of land is slashed and burned for agriculture purpose every year.

Due to deforestation, the whole world is facing global warming and loss of habitat. Due to deforestation, the amount of rain that we used to receive every year has come down sharply in the last 2 to 3 years. Global warming is also causing a rise in sea levels and the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. The world is already facing the consequences of global warming through the rise in temperature.

Loss of habitat is another serious consequence of deforestation. Whenever we clear acres of forest land, it is affecting the habitat of animals that live there and most of them die in due course.

Another serious consequence of deforestation is flooding and erosion. Because of the absence of trees, areas are prone to flooding. Due to deforestation, soil is directly exposed to sun and this causes them to dry out quickly. Due to soil erosion, many water bodies have been contaminated in the last couple of years and it has directly impacted the quality of drinking water.

Steps to Stop Deforestation

  • Stop Clearing Forests whatever be the Reason: One of the easiest ways to stop deforestation is to stop clearing the forest. According to a study, America lost close to 6% percentage of forest during 2005 – 2010 period which is higher that Brazil which had a loss of 3% during the same period. Many organizations have come forward and requested to stop deforestation before it is too late.
  • Plant More Trees: The idea of planting more trees is the need of the hour in order to save the earth from destruction. By planting more trees, you can save your forest and help life grow.
  • Practice the 3R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, many organizations have requested people to practice the 3R’s so that we can protect our forests and save the world from deforestation.

According to Ellery S. Gordon who works as a law clerk in Los Angeles, California, it is time for the world to unite together and fight against environmental crimes. Ellery has investigated and prepared memoranda for many complicated problems related to environmental law.