At the marijuana dispensary, new visitors get overwhelmed with the variety of options available. Primarily they get confused with the three main categories of buds including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Actually, all these categories fall under same species but the difference is in their breeding. This makes them distinct from one another.

Today, thousands of strains are enjoyed, which is due to efforts of several decades. Breeders have applied cross breeding technique of new and old genetics to form hybrid strains.

What are the kinds of hybrid cannabis?

Strains like Jilly Bean, Blue Dream, Banana Kush, and Dutch treat are some types of hybrid cannabis available at the Bad Gramm3r online dispensary. These are blend of two main categories – ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’. Often hybrids offer balanced blend of Sativa and Indica effect.

Why people care about Sativa vs. Indica vs. hybrid?

In alcohol drinking there is a single psychological endpoint and that is ‘being drunk’ but different categories of cannabis result in massively different effects. You can choose the type as per your needs. For example, if you want to get couch locked to shed the stress then Indica is the best option because it is very sedative. On the other hand, if you want to keep energised and creative for the whole day then Sativa strain is great [also called daytime strain].

Hybrids are a blend of both, so can deliver body and mind effects. Majority of strains are hybrids. Due to worldwide breeding programs, you will find very few Sativa’s and Indica’s in pure form.

Sativa-dominant versus Indica-dominant hybrids

Hybrids are either Sativa or Indica dominant because only the leading parent’s characteristics get expressed more than the qualities of secondary type. For instance, Super Lemon Haze is Sativa-dominant, so will display energetic effects, while Cookies is Indica-dominant, so will offer more sedative effects on the body.

What are ‘true hybrids’?

Hybrids having even blend of both varieties are termed as ‘True’. For example, Blue Dream is true hybrid that neutralizes parent Blueberry’s Indica sedation with Sativa energy of Lemon Haze.

What are the medical effects of common hybrids?

  • Patients have reported to use Blue Dream, daytime strain to control their anxiety.
  • Hybrid Lemon Haze is Sativa dominant. It helps to lift person mood and handle depression.
  • Hybrid Cookies is Indica Dominant and supports body pain management.

Who can use hybrid strains?

Each human’s chemistry is different. Finding the effects of cannabis one prefers is a subject for trial and error. For beginners hybrids are great because they may not be aware about the effects of cannabis and what kind of feelings to expect. For medical marijuana patients, hybrids are good because they can use it regularly for balanced effect, which can be tolerated the whole day.

How can you learn about hybrids?

Hybrids means experimentation. Growers experiment with new cross breeding, consumers experiment with using different hybrids to actually discover the preferable hit. New hybrids get introduced each week and it is not possible to get updated about every one of them. However, you can visit cannabis websites on the internet to read breeders review of a specific hybrid strain.