As parents age, adult children naturally start to worry about their safety and well-being. A fall or medical emergency can put seniors at serious risk. But with jobs and families of their own, children cannot keep a constant watch over parents who are vulnerable. Fortunately, medical alert devices can be a lifesaver when older people live alone. If a problem arises, help is only a push button away. These devices can help keep senior citizens safe, while allowing them to stay living in their own homes longer.

Here is how the system works. The device is always worn. If help is needed, the person wearing the device pushes a button that calls a trained operator, who will talk to the person initiating the call. After assessing the situation, the operator may call emergency responders such as police, paramedics or firefighters. When choosing a medical alert system, you should consider these factors.

How to Wear the Device

There should be options to wear the device as a medical alert necklace, wristband or belt clip. These choices are important because people have different preferences regarding what is most comfortable for them. Of course, no matter where the device is worn, it also needs to be lightweight to enhance comfort. Comfort is key to getting people to wear the device at all times. Because you never know when an incident will happen, the device needs to be worn 24/7.

Ease of Use

Using the device needs to be as simple as pushing a button to call the service center. Anything else leads to confusion, which is serious when a panicked senior is experiencing an emergency. Setup should be just as simple. The best systems are as easy as plugging the power cord in the wall, connecting the telephone line and pushing the power button on the device.


Many falls and accidents happen in the bathtub and shower on slippery and wet floors. That’s why the device needs to be waterproof, so there is no reason to remove it when in the bathroom. Because there can be a tendency for seniors to worry about the device getting wet, it should be stressed that is it fine to wear the device while bathing. It’s an unfortunate situation if the device sits on a counter out of reach when a fall occurs.

Help for Seniors is Only a Push Button Away

Adult children can’t keep a watchful eye on aging parents every minute of the day, but medical alert devices are on duty 24/7. Help can be on the way minutes after an accident or medical issue arises. These devices offer peace of mind for many families.