Headache at the back of the head is experienced due to stress or other health issues. Normally, the reasons for headache varies and even the spot where it appears can differ in every person.

The need to understand the reasons leading to this kind of headache is important so that you can take adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of pain and also to find the right kind of treatment.

The causes behind occurrence of pain at the back of the head:

  • Head ache occurs due to tension or excessive stress – This is one of the most common reasons for such headaches. It can last for short period may be for few hours are last for days. The common symptoms of headache due to stress are feeling of tightening at the back or in the front of head. Normally, the pain is mild but if stress continues it may become severe. You won’t be experiencing nausea or vomiting as it occurs in other kind of headaches.
  • Tiredness – Over work and sleep deprived life leads to tiredness. It results in pain at the back of the head.
  • Not sleeping in proper posture – While sleeping it is always advised to maintain right posture throughout the sleeping hours otherwise you may endure headache.
  • Missing meals and not drinking adequate water – Due to hectic work schedule, most of them often tend to forget meals or to drink adequate amount of water every day. Unfortunately, this leads to experience discomfort including pain behind the head.
  • Allergic to some food ingredients may trigger headache at the back. Even having excessive alcohol may result in headache.

If headache in back of head is felt once in a while, then it can be treated with mild pain relievers bought from pharmaceutical stores. However, if the pain persists frequently, it will be beneficial to consult skilled medical physician in your locality.

Other kinds of therapy include –

  • Indulge in techniques that help you to relax or aid in reducing your stress. Yoga exercises and medications help in reducing your stress levels and ultimately the symptoms of headache vanish.
  • Massaging the whole-body helps in getting relief from headache. Even head massage will relive you from pain. Massaging at the trigger points will help in relieving pain.
  • Physiotherapy sessions help in reducing body pain as well as headache.
  • Acupuncture is termed to be the best remedy to get relief from headache.

Mild headaches can be effectively treated with natural remedies –

  • Having cold shower or applying ice pack at the back of the head will help a lot.
  • Drink adequate water as dehydration sometimes leads to headache.
  • Get adequate amounts of magnesium. This mineral present in the human body is quite essential to maintain blood pressure, sugar level and nerve transmission.

To know more about the best effective treatment for back headache read posts of well-known medical physicians on their websites.