Everyone has an innate desire to look beautiful and attractive. Irrespective of skin complexion, with a proper outfit, dress and jewellery, every woman can look influential. Gold pendant is the first thing that strikes our mind when we talk about gold jewellery. Getting the best design of a pendant, is the ultimate dream of each and every woman. Antique gold pendants make a woman feel confident and secure in herself than others. These pendants come in several different alluring designs.

Why should you wear gold pendants?

There are a variety of reasons to wear gold pendant necklace. Some wear it due to religious symbol, some wear it as a means to display their personality and inner passion and others wear it simply because they want to look beautiful and attractive. Gold is a rare and valuable metal which makes any woman look pretty. Pendant necklaces in gold are very much loved by women all over the world.

As per astrologists, it is considered auspicious to wear metals like Gold. It brings fortune to the person and fills their life with richness, prosperity and happiness. Men are equally captivated by gold pendant set. It only takes a gold pendant chain to give them an impressionable and desirable look. There are several male celebrities who flaunt their thin or heavy gold chains to look cool and classy.

Pendant necklace in heart shape:

Looking at the shape of the pendant, one can feel romantic and delicate. This type of gold pendant set looks very heartwarming. It boosts the confidence of a person. You can get this necklace in various different themes with artistic and intricate design work performed on it.

A heart shaped pendant necklace is perfect for parties and informal gathering. Depending on the complexity of the artwork done on it, the price range of this pendant is determined. If you are buying a diamond necklace set, you must compare diamond pendant sets with price on different jewellery seller websites. This will help you make an informed purchase.  

Zodiac Gold Pendant Necklace:

This design is mostly sought by people who have faith in Astrology. Besides astrological benefits, wearing a zodiac pendant imparts you an antique look. It makes an ideal choice for women who are fond of antiques. You will find a different pendant necklace for each zodiac sign. Looking at gold pendant set designs with price will give you a better idea of which will be the right necklace for you.

Floral Gold Pendant Necklace:

Floral design pendant necklace is available in several variations. It also symbolizes peace, serenity and love in various traditions. A combination of gold and flower makes one stand out in the crowd easily.


Gold pendants are available online with designs and a wide range of sizes. These are the most popular buys among young ladies. They make the perfect gifting option too on anniversary or birthdays. Understanding about these designs will get you the best one for yourself.