Grandparents often reminiscence about their childhood days. While enjoying the free time of their twilight years, they spend ample time talking about the good old days. After all, nostalgia is a pretty powerful emotion.

When it comes to gifting your grandparents on their birthday, wedding anniversary or on a special occasion, it’s essential to give them something that satiates their longing for the good old days. Below are four gift ideas to help you think of a present out the conventional box:

Saregama Carvaan

5,000 evergreen Bollywood songs. Rechargeable battery. Lightweight. Ghazals. 50 years of music countdown. These are just some of the features that make the Saregama Carvaan, a portable music player that your grandparents can use to listen to their favorite classic filmy songs. They won’t need to log in to YouTube and wait for the song to buffer or see advertisements on TV to hear these songs. Priced at a highly affordable rate and available in a range of bright colors, this Bluetooth music player is a highly useful and a perfect gift for music lovers. It will instantly remind them of their childhood.

DVD collection of their favorite movies

You will seldom come across a grandparent who doesn’t love an old Bollywood movie. In fact, most grandparents remember the style of Rajesh Khanna or the beguiling looks of Madhubala with gusto and great longing.

A good gift for Bollywood lovers would be a DVD collection of their favorite movies. They can watch their favorite films on a large screen TV while munching on some fresh buttery popcorn at home. Now that sounds like a nice evening, no?

Setting up a surprise meeting with old friends

This gift might take some time and effort on your part but it will be worth it. I’m sure your grandparents often talk about an old friend they played with or teamed up to play pranks on an unpopular teacher? Unfortunately, they’ve lost touch with this long-forgotten friend but they might still remember them. Why not track down all these friends using social media and old phone books?

Set up a surprise meeting with this old friend and your grandparent. Nothing makes a grandparent feel younger than meeting an old friend and recalling humorous incidents in childhood.

Poker set

Speaking of spending time with friends, many grandparents spent most of their teenage hood and adulthood playing cards with friends. Long before the internet made inroads in our daily lives, young people spent their days playing teen patti, poker, rummy and other card games.

Gift your grandparents a nice, gleaming new poker set. They can play it with their friends at the park in the evenings after a long walk.

A little time and effort is all you need to find the perfect gift for your grandparents. Just find out what hobbies they have or what they truly want and present it to them when they least expect it! A thoughtful gift certainly beats an SMS or phone call.