Google reviews are gaining much popularity and there are chances that you will get a listing of them high up in search results, whenever go in search for specific products or services. They are really very much helpful to many customers using Google to find out important information about businesses. Therefore the subject of defamatory and false reviews may negatively impact businesses across the world.

However, reviews that violate Google review policies can be subject to removal. Most of the business owners want to know how to remove a review from Google to protect their businesses from losing reputation. Well, if the business knows identity of author of the review, it can either name that author as defendant in lawsuit or pursue them legally.

Flag a Google review

If you fine any review that violates Google review policies, you can easily flag it for removal. The review will then be assessed and removed from your list. Before you begin, ensure to check out the Google policy since you can only flag the reviews violating Google policies.

You shouldn’t flag the reviews you don’t like but are accurate. So, you should always be armed with appropriate knowledge before you flag any review. You also need to patient enough. It may take few days for the review to be examined or assessed. So, don’t be tempted to contact the support immediately after flagging any review.

Defamation Removal

There may be times when it becomes difficult to identify author of defamatory Google review. It may be required that you need to go to Google directly for potential relief. Generally, there are two major options as listed below.

  • A business may seek to acquire judgment from court by declaring statements in review to be false. It can then present court order to Google to have the relevant URL de-indexed from the Google.
  • The other way is that the business may even directly reply to review through “Google My Business” account.

The latter seems to be effective and comparatively less expensive than the former. Apart from these two methods, Google support pages about the reviews also offer number of potential alternatives as well.

First, Google says that it will remove the reviews that target others personally. So, in the case of false review targeting any individual or a group of people from businesses, this is in fact a possible avenue.

Secondly, the business representative can even flag the review as inappropriate as discussed in the above section. They can hope that Google will itself determine it to be policy violation and ultimately remove review. However, Google receives infinite requests daily, so a business should know that it is not guaranteed that just flagging a review can lead it to defamation removal. There are many legal options too for removal of defamatory and false Google reviews as well as resolution of issues with the disgruntled parties.

If you too want to get any kind of false review to be removed that is relevant to your business, make sure to take appropriate steps legally. Follow the above suggestions and you are sure to get quick help!