Many freelancers have a problem acquiring a steady income from their freelancing jobs. The problem is not a lack of jobs in the industry. The problem is that the freelancers have not positioned themselves appropriately to make a consistent income from their efforts. The following are some tips on how to become a fully booked freelancer so that you receive a regular income from your freelancing efforts.

  1. Believe you can make a regular income from freelancing

You need to believe that you can make a regular income from freelancing in order for you to be able to achieve this fete. You need to change your mentality from the notion that freelancing income is seasonal. If you continue to believe this then you will never be able to find ways of making a steady income from your freelancing job.

Instead, you need to believe that a steady income is possible. Make it a mission to achieve financial security with freelancing, and you will be able to take advantage to all the good opportunities that come your way.

2.  Always market and advertise

Regardless of your current workload, you should continue to market your services to the freelancing community. If you want a steady freelancing income, then you need to be always looking out for other opportunities. Otherwise, you will finish your current projects and find that you have no work to do, leaving you with a gap in income.

A serious freelancer will find time every week to market their services to potential clients across a number of freelancing websites. Constantly marketing your services to potential clients will keep them calling you, which means that you will have a constant flow of freelancing gigs.

3.  Seek long-term clients

A common problem with new and low earning freelancers is that they do small jobs. They focus solely on one-off jobs instead of seeking long-term jobs and contracts. These jobs will sustain you and ensure that you have a regular income for the duration of the contract. If you only focus on one-off gigs, you will be in trouble when the job is over, as you will have to spend more time looking for clients rather than working.

4.  Diversify in terms of clientele

Another key aspect of securing a regular income from your freelancing is to have different clients. Most freelancers fail to secure stable income because they only focus on one client. They get one big client who supplies them with work for a couple of months, and they refuse to look for other clients, or to maintain contact with their previous clients. When this big job ends, you will be back to square one looking for other long-term clients.

You need to have diverse clients to ensure that when one job ends, other assignments are still coming your way.

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