Do you know the power of touch? Probably the person who is at the last stage of his or her life would better understand what is the importance of touch from his or her loved ones? Yes, there is a miraculous power hidden in a simple touch. We would like to explain you one simple example, when deadly disease Ebola attacked the African region, people were dying but the rescue operators and patients’ near and dear ones were hesitant to even touch the patients because of fear of infection.

You cannot imagine the situation of a dying person if he or she does not get a touch of healing hands. God has gifted us with this amazing tool, with the help simple touch many of the people will get relieved from the diseases and during last stage of their life this gentle touch of their loved ones will make them forget all the pain from the disease.

Even in medical terms the touch has very significant valve. According to the experts, touch is very much essential for humans. In simple situations, like hand shaking or putting arm across the friend’s shoulder will releases neurological chemicals that makes that person feel good. Chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin play major role in relieving the suffering.

If the power from a simple human being can give you such an amazing result then just imagine the power of touch of God. Yes, you can feel the touch of God through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Yes, on most of the occasions people who were suffering from various sickness and other problems have really recovered from sorrow. God’s presence is everywhere it can be felt through people like Chris.

The man of God who will deliver the word of God to activate your blessings, you will be able to get healed and promoted in your life. He does it through the Christ embassy. This place is more than a church and gives you that word of God which can take away all your sickness and diseases. Apart from the embassy, you can catch him on the live events channels that work round the clock.

You can simply register to that channel to receive live feeds. There are lots of people on this earth, who wants to get answers for questions related to their lives. You can choose your kind of media i.e. books, live concerts, gatherings or even through app on your phone. The word of God can be received from Chris Oyakhilome and can get answer to their questions.

However, according to most of the spiritual experts the power of physical touch has more effects than any other media. We humans, especially babies and children, get most of the benefits. God is loyal to each and every one of us. Lots of diseases can be cured with a simple affectionate touch. Why do you want to spare your life when there is a simple solution, come take the miraculous touch and get healed from all your sickness?