How to choose the best attorney is one of the most commonly asked questions among clients. There are certain factors that differentiate the best attorney from mediocre ones. Hiring an inefficient and less experienced attorney could prove to be very damaging.

To save from such severe consequences, it is important to understand the process thoroughly and the type of qualities you should look for a professional patent trial lawyer. You are provided with information on the working of the field and also proven ideas to make an effective start with the right patent lawyer to avoid pitfalls.

What problems can hiring a wrong patent litigation attorney cause you?

  • Not filing the patent lawsuit application properly
  • Filing application with discrepancies and errors
  • You find yourself giving training to the attorney most of the time
  • You have spent a lot of money on Xerox, phone calls, which have all proved to be just futile
  • No progress since many years of hiring their services

Technical Experience

It is required that all the patent attorneys to have secured an engineering or technical degree to pass the “patent bar exam.” They have to get a good amount of technical experience that would be utilized in the processing of your case. An attorney should be able to write the patents that require the same level of technical experience that closely matches to your product.

Depending on the kind of business you own, you can look for necessary skills in the patent litigation lawyers. For example, a person who owns software business would require an attorney with good experience writing software. A person with mechanical invention business should look for a mechanical engineer with experience in developing widgets.

Small Firm vs. Big Firms

You need to learn the type of experience of an attorney. There are some attorneys who have worked for small and solo firms and others have worked for large firms. Some attorneys have the experience of working in both the environments. It is important to choose the one that meets the requirements of your business.

At large law firms, a patent lawyer will write the patent with the support of an experienced partner who reviews their work. There are very little chances that you get to meet the supervisors/partners.  At a small/solo firm, the attorney will perform all the tasks on its own.


The cost charged by patent lawyers varies from one firm to another. It would be wise to ask the attorney that provides you a precise picture of the charges upfront. This will give you an idea about the total bill for filing the patent application. At large firms, the attorney asks for a different hourly rate whereas, at small firms, you will get a flat fee billing.


Sometimes people ignore the most important factors that turn out to be their biggest mistake. By implementing these tips, you would surely get the best assistance from a patent attorney as desired for your exclusive rights litigation process.